How artist Maya Gohill applies her fine arts background to her living room’s interior design

Maya Gohill, an artist who was born and raised in Calgary, composes her Kelvin Grove home as she does her canvases, with a great deal of sensitivity and whimsy, favouring pieces that tell stories over a strict form-follows-function approach. Gohill studied painting at the University of Calgary and illustration at the […]

La Géode’s Advanced design fits snugly into Montreal’s Le Plateau

Residents of Montreal’s hip, culturally diverse Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood have for years been upgrading and renovating its distinctive turn-of-the-century row houses, notable for their trademark winding outdoor staircases and red-brick façades. The borough enforces strict regulations aimed at maintaining the look and heritage aspect of the row housing. But the […]

Since the real-estate Business roils, Re/Max president Jobs confidence

The explosive increase in the amount of property representatives in Ontario has left too many people dabbling in the profession, reducing the standard of service and exceeding the business’s future relevance, based on Re/Max Integra president Walter Schneider. Mr. Schneider, whose franchise firm oversees all Re/Max operations in Ontario and […]

Tougher mortgage rules could affect up to 50,000 potential home buyers a year: report

Tougher mortgage stress-testing rules could make it impossible for 40,000 to 50,000 Canadians to get a house annually, driving down property sales and reducing the expected pace of new mortgage-lending expansion, according to a new analysis. A report by Mortgage Pros Canada, a national mortgage-broker industry association, forecasts about 18 […]

Ethics breaches costing Ontario real estate Brokers less than Anticipated

It was a proposal made to strengthen consumer protection by “modernizing” penalties for real estate agents who violate ethics rules. Conceived amid a spate of headlines about questionable practices at the Toronto area’s overheated real estate market, the Ontario government’s plan to double the maximum penalty to $50,000 looked like […]

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