Meghan Markle’s Toronto Home for sale

For decades, the residents of Yarmouth Road from the upper-middle course Toronto enclave of Seaton Village understood the celebrity Meghan Markle lived at the wine-coloured house on their street. No big deal, it’s an area with a fair number of mid-tier famous people to bump into in the dog park.

Then she began dating the past eligible bachelor of the British Royal family, Prince Harry, and became one of the most renowned Meghans on the planet. Neighbours clucked as collateral vehicles and paparazzo tail-cars would camp outside in the neighbourhood’s laneways.

“People were becoming super annoyed with all the paparazzi,nbsp; not due to idling cars, because they believed she deserved solitude,” says Jennifer Hunter, head of the Seaton Village Residents Association. She states that the neighbourhood’s Facebook page has beennbsp; overflowing withnbsp; Meghan and Harry stories. 1 narrative — one she can not confirm but locals swear is true –nbsp; is that the Royal couple was seen dressed up in costume on Halloween, 2016, as they toured the Village’s haunted decorations (some neighbors seemingly get into the year).

And now, . , where Meghan and Harry spent time until they were formally engaged, is available, with an opening price of $1,395,000 and every anticipation of a bidding war pushing the last number several hundreds of thousands of dollars higher.

It is not really Ms. Markle’s house. She had been renting, and she’s moved out a few weeks ago. Sadly, there’ll be no Princes in the open house this weekend.

“It is special because it is a detached with a detached garage in a family room,” says Alex Beauregard, a sales associate with Freeman Real Estate Brokerage who lives in Seaton Village. He says he doesn’t expect its latest tenant will include a ‘Princess Premium,’ – the area does not need one. Only a week ago an entire fixer-upper on nearby Kendal Ave. sold for $600,000 above requesting.

The vendors, Kevin O’Neill and Elizabeth Cabral (a former fashion director at Flare magazine, now based in New York), purchased the three-bedroom, two-bath home for $508,000 in 2007, and have allegedly rented it out for many years now. Ms. Cabral, reached by telephone, did not want to comment on any previous tenants or on the sale. It is a single family dwelling, not setup for flats or an income package.

Daniel Freeman, agent with Freeman Real Estate, the firm listing the home, says the record went up Thursday night and is currently drawing a great deal of attention: again, not from those who have some Royal fascination. He warns potential looky-loos his agency has a standard practice of assessing for picture ID at the door.

“There are no indications of royalty in the home, except that it is a really fine residence… she had great taste,” says Mr. Freeman. “It was personal and had beautiful amenities. Seaton Village is a haven of security family, inclusiveness and community.”

Nevertheless, he admits that if you walk into one of the designer bathrooms: “It is a wonderful idea to think, wow, Prince Harry used this bathroom.”

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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