Alliums are worth a place in your flower garden

Alliums are garlic’s relatives. With a great deal of rain and cool temperatures, they sprouted and went to blossom creating magnificent garden photos this year. And, as there are many varieties on the marketplace, it is possible to have one kind or another blossom for another month or so.

First to pop up in my garden was Allium “Purple Sensation,” which made a massive explosion of tantalizing purple. Moths and bees them. One of the qualities of the bulbs is that some of these seed around. In cases like this, a few bulbs have been prolific my neighbor is a beneficiary. They were initially planted alongside Molinia “Sky Racer” and today could only be regarded as a mass planting surrounding a huge grass.

Next to appear, but this time added have been beauties: Allium nigrum. Never a fan of alliums, I thought they seemed dramatic, and saw them years ago en masse in Rideau Hall in Ottawa. So a dozen A. nigrum went into a bed where they could be viewed from every angle and backlit most of the day. Heaven.

There are different types even more exotic: A. christophii, which I manage to develop one at a time, looks like a starburst of lapis lazuli. About but it does not waste time I would love it to seed. It was carefully positioned to comparison with the stiffness of a nearby hydrangea and the fluffiness of a Lespedeza “Gibraltar” (a superb perennial and, alas, not available any more).

Allium bulgaricum is a Mediterranean species that has an explosion of lily-like blooms that are downward-nodding . It comes in the palest of bronze/purple and does take a while. Do not give it up. It’s well worth the wait.

Catalogues such as Have 19 sorts of alliums and I don’t see. However, I do have a caution especially They will sprinkle themselves via a rock garden that is small quickly you may want to be careful where you plant them. Among the ones that are most stunning, having a blossom of hue that is intense, Allium purpurea does not appear to work in my garden, though I shall try it again and perhaps put it in a more sunny place.

The sun is adored by alliums. Respect that. They blossom once so spend the height plants have begun to grow and tuck them around plants in groups to disguise the detritus the leaf leaves behind although planted in fall. Plant them. I smoosh them in together which is the way they appear attractive. Plunking one every 30 centimetres (as tags indicate) looks way too unusual for many gardens. Make any arrangement graceful and loose.

Alliums look stunning in arrangements and vary in colour from white to deep purple with a great deal of pinks in between. It is a bulb and squirrels nor rabbits will ravish them a recommendation that is high .

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