Add a touch of luxury to any space with warm metallic accessories

They were hailed as a key trend in 2015, but instead of fizzling out, metallics continue to be smelting hot. Part of the appeal could be the versatility of these shades. Whether your vibe is vintage boho, luxe, Mediterranean cool or industrial chic, a hint of metal just works.

Silver still shines, but copper, gold and bronze have taken centre stage. “Chrome was a trend for a long time, but I find it cold and office building-looking – not nearly as elegant as the warmer metals,” Toronto designer Paula Velez says.

Simons KitchenAid Metallic Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer, $799.95, Williams-Sonoma.

The simplest way to work them into your home decor is with accessories. “Start with small pieces,” Velez says. “When it comes to trends, small and inexpensive items are the best way to get the look you want without breaking the bank.” Plus, these pieces are easily moved or replaced when you tire of the trend. That goes for every room in the house – think lamps, mirrors, throw pillows and beyond.

Anthropologie Brass and Glass Table Lamp, $129.99.

But that’s not to say that metallics can only be found in accent pieces. The gold rush is happening with big-ticket items, too, even in kitchens and bathrooms. A range from coveted French manufacturer La Cornue with polished brass knobs, for example, is an ultra-chic option in place of straight-up stainless steel, which has become the go-to in recent years. In the living room, a gold side table might do the trick, while a gold chandelier can add instant glamour to a bedroom.

A little bit of shine can go a long way, so mixing metals and metallics with other materials and colours is the way to go, Velez says. She’s fond of matching a gold faucet with a stainless steel sink or gold wallpaper with reclaimed wood furnishings. Pairing simple, organic elements with the glitz keeps the look grounded.

Indigo Small Diamond Weave Basket in Rose Gold, $39.50.

Metallics add a feeling of richness to any room, and they’re more versatile than you might think, complementing earthy tones, nautical blues, modern black and white and more. “I find them easy to work with and I love the reflection and brightness they bring to a space,” Velez says. “They’re like the jewels of our home.”

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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