Celeste pattern pairs ethereal textural design with handcrafted feel

‘As the name suggests, I was inspired by luminous points and brilliant streaks of light,” says Toronto surface designer Leah Phillips of her latest pattern design, Celeste, which launched at the Interior Design Show in January. “I’ve always been drawn to creating ethereal, textural patterns.”

Faintly evocative of a starburst – or a series of off-kilter asterisks – the pattern came about from a desire to pair a “distinctly modern” design with a handcrafted feel. Phillips started with a combination of watercolour and resist techniques (the latter involves using two incompatible mediums to create a layered effect) before turning the paintings into digital files that she prints onto wood, wallpaper (shown), pillows, scarves and more. From $14 a square foot through .

Courtesy: The Globe And Mail

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